Crazy Time: Live Hunt For Crazy Multipliers

What could be more exciting than getting a big multiplier on a wheel full of big multipliers? Probably getting it at brand_name Casino, but the topic for today will not be about that. Crazy Time is a thrilling live casino game from Evolution, in which the presenter spins a huge wheel with multipliers after you place bets on up to eight events. Among the betting options, you will find four bonus rounds where you can expect even bigger payouts, up to 20,000x your stake.
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How to play?

Place a Bet.
Bet on one or more events.
Lucky Start.
If you are lucky, the Top Slot will generate a multiplier for your event.
Wait and Win.
The wheel will start spinning and if the flapper stops at your event, you win.

Bonus Games

Crazy Time is a virtual room with a gigantic wheel, 64 multipliers, and three flappers of different colors. Choose one flapper, watch the wheel spin, and win a huge cash prize. If your flapper stops at “Double” or “Triple,” then all multiplier values will be doubled or tripled respectively and another Crazy Time spin will be awarded.
The Pachinko bonus round features a large Pachinko wall with physical pegs and 16 random multipliers at the bottom. The game starts when the puck is dropped from 4-12 zones at the top and ends when the pack lands on a multiplier. If the puck lands on “Double,” then all multiplier values will be doubled and another puck drop will be awarded.
The Coin Flip game features a coin with a red side and a blue side, as well as a random multiplier assigned to each side. Choose the side you think will be facing up after the flip and win a cash prize.
Cash Hunt is a shooting gallery with 108 multipliers covered by random symbols. Choose one symbol and aim at it with your cannon to reveal a big cash prize.

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