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Aviator is a new kind of social multiplayer game, consisting of a growing curve that can collapse at any moment. When a round begins, the multiplier scale begins to grow. The player must cash out before the plane leaves.


The Aviator game is unlike any typical casino game. This is a unique game that decides the results of your bets in a different way. Instead of playing symbols and lines, this game has an airplane that flies away with a random speed. The coefficient ranges from 1.00x to 100,000.00x, which means that this game has a lot of winning potential.

Ready to win?Ready to win?
Ready to win?

As for the RTP for this game, it has a reasonably good 97% return. This means that depending on the rate, the expected long-term profit is 97% of this amount. With an RTP like this, Aviator easily beats many popular online slot machines with much lower profit margins.

How to play?
Place a bet
To start the game, place a bet or two and press BET.
Place a betPlace a bet
Watch the plane
Your bet is multiplied by the aircraft odds.
Watch the planeWatch the plane
Withdraw your money
Click on the Сashout button and take your money before the tarmac leaves.
Withdraw your moneyWithdraw your money
Video tutorial
In-game chat
Show everyone your winnings and chat with players.
In-game chatIn-game chat
Live betting
The bar on the left shows the bets of other players, their odds and their winnings.
Live bettingLive betting
Live statistics
The left bar shows others' bets, their odds and their winnings.
Live statisticsLive statistics
Free bets
Learn the basics by playing on a demo account.
Free betsFree bets
Rain promotion
The player can make a 'rain' in the chat, specifying the amount and choosing the number of drops.
Rain promotionRain promotion
Aviarace tournaments
Participate in tournaments and get money and prizes.
Aviarace tournamentsAviarace tournaments

Strategy: How to win?

Bets must be 2:1.
For example, place one bet $10 and the other $20. The goal of the larger bet is to cover the smaller one, while the smaller one is to make a profit. So, once the odds hit 1.50, you should cash out the big bet. In this case, you must cash out the $20 bet and get back $30 or the same amount you originally bet. This gives you the freedom to try and earn as much as possible with a $10 second bet. Let's say you managed to cash out when the odds hit 5x and you get $50. Your total profit will be $50.

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